Ravnice bb
45° 48' 53.6832" N, 15° 58' 42.654" E
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Probably the most underground club in Zagreb with lots of national and international DJ names, live acts and of course good vibrations. Cute, small and openminded. The word 'genre' is taboo here. Too much wood for splinter-free break-dancing, but you'll probably be tempted to do it anyway.
An eponymous restaurant & bar downstairs gives you reason to hang around weekdays and during off hours or to taste some delicious domestic food made by "Mama" herself.

Masters is a rare club in Zagreb. It's a place where clubbing means loving music, and not only that; it means having a respect for what you are listening to. Clubbers supporting Freilauf events are the ones who are not just striking a pose; they're there simply to enjoy the sounds. That gives Masters, a tennis court bar with a disco ball and football clubs scarfs and more than plain design, a club with the best atmosphere.